How secure are your (Web) Applications?

The majority of nowadays successful, external attacks on organizations takes place via the web server respectively web applications. Besides web applications concerned infrastructure such as data bases, web servers and operating systems have to be considered as well in order to grant a holistic perspective. But also “conventional” applications can contain serious vulnerabilities that put the organization’s security at risk.

Audits can be performed both from an external source or from within the organization. Different variations between Blackbox (the tester has no information about internal workings) and Whitebox (the tester has insider knowledge such as knowledge about source code of network architecture) can be realized.

An independent security check can help reducing the risk both for self developed and third party software. The result is a detailed report prioritizing eventual vulnerabilities and offering possible solutions.

Beside security checks of applications we also offer Source-Code-Audits in which their source code is checked for known and potential vulnerabilities.

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