Through penetration tests, an organization’s security can be examined by assuming the point of view of an attacking malicious hacker.

Penetration tests can be categorized on different levels: from outside/inside an organization, with activated/deactivated counter measures, etc. As regards content,
Applications, Networks, Systems and Employee behavior can be analyzed. Combined approaches usually yield the best results.

By applying digital forensics / computer forensics, information processing systems are analyzed in order to establish digital evidence.

Penetration tests can uncover potential weaknesses on different levels, for example:

  • hardware and software errors
  • configuration problems
  • operation errors
  • weaknesses in processes
  • weaknesses of or missing of controls

In contrast to vulnerability scans which we offer as well, penetration tests enable actual exploitation of suspected weaknesses. Thus, “false positives” (wrongly reported vulnerabilities which actually don’t exist) can be recognized and ruled out.

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